Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Our focus is on utilising Artificial Intelligence to predict diseases, identify high-risk patient groups, and drive prevention therapies. We also prioritise automating and optimising hospital operations, enhancing diagnostic test accuracy and speed, improving cost prediction accuracy, and reducing patient risk through automation.

Main Artificial Intelligence Solutions in Health

Predictive/Risk Analytics

Allows for improved efficiency and better decision making.

Disease detection

Improves the quality of diagnoses, reduces time and avoids errors by automating repetitive tasks.

Report generation or related documents

Automatic creation of text or voice based documents on specific topics, financial reports, medical reports, statistics, and more.

Resource allocation

It allows us to make the best decisions, almost in real time, to allocate resources in hospitals, industries, hotels, services, energy, … and which is the best option to make the necessary adjustments.

Validation of contracts and associated documents

Enables a response to the customer in near real time, avoiding human intervention in repetitive, costly and low-value tasks.


Enables companies to improve their sales by accessing their customers in a more personalised and cost-effective way.

Quality or Service Level Analysis of telephone conversations

Enables to detect failures in the processing of all information, or to analyse the main causes of customer complaints.